• One Random Winner will receive $25,000 in ETH
  • 3 Lucky Winners Receive $10,000 in ETH
  • 5 Randomly Drawn Winners will receive $5,000 in ETH
  • 10 Winners will receive $2,000 in ETH
  • 55 Legendary Easter Egg NFTs will win $1,000 in ETH
  • 1.5M $PARA will be awarded to over 150 regular easter egg NFTs


  • Guaranteed whitelist for all future collections.
  • Increased $Para staking rewards for every single NFT you Own.
  • Special access to the Preppers only Discord channel with exclusive giveaways and airdrops.
  • Future benefits will be revealed as utilities are added.


1) The winners will be based on the NFT# and not the wallet. This means the more NFTs you own, the higher your chances of winning.

2) Any Wallet holding NFTs #247 – #279 will be banned from all giveaways. Those NFTs were minted using an exploit on the old minting site and hence need to be returned to the project wallet – 0xc1Fc73728155C9Fc469C98edb01d4D404399c517

3) Did your new Para Prepper NFT contain one of our lucky Easter egg traits? If so congratulations you have won 1.5M $PARA

  • Green Cave – CaveExterior
  • Red Cave – ExteriorLavaCave, ExtLavaCave
  • Pink Cave – FieryCaveExterior
  • Blue Cave – BlueBlazeCaveExt

*Any NFT that has already been minted with these traits is already a winner and owners of those NFTs will be dropped their prizes at the start of the contest.

4) If you minted an NFT with either of the Legendary Easter Egg traits you have won $1,000 in ETH:

  • Rainbow Cave
    • AblazeCaveExt
    • FierryCaveExterior2

5) Each individual easter egg winner will be sent their ETH / $PARA within 48 hours of minting their NFT. (No waiting for the contest to end)

6) ETH rewards of $2,000 and above will be randomly awarded on our YouTube live event once the NFTs are sold out.